Complete Care Agency Values


Our core values are:-

Passion  – we are passionate about what we do and the difference we make to the people who receive our service.  Passion is what drives the company and all our staff forward ensuring we continue to deliver superior services.

Community – we recognise that in valuing the communities we provide a service to, we offer a value to both the community and the service user.  Bringing employment opportunities and offering care to service user from people in their community, encouraging inclusion and participation in the community.

Trust – central to everything we do, the relationships we form with service users, staff, commissioners, health and social care professionals, is trust.  We are transparent and honest in all of our dealings in order to build lasting relationships that provide value for all parties.

Compassion – Crucial in all of our service delivery and interactions with staff is the continued need to feel compassion for service users and colleagues.  Compassion is wrapped around the company and is absolutely a driving force at point of service delivery.  The very basis of what we do and how we have gained our reputation is by ensuring our staff on the front line are driven by compassion.

Integrity – Our strong moral principles and steadfast belief in what we do is a value we cannot function without.  Staff at all levels value the integrity of the company, its vision and values.

Stability – we offer stability to our staff in their employment, the people they care for and the way we run our company.  Our commitment to our staff and the people who receive our service is unwavering and we will ensure that this stability remains throughout through effective working practices and communication.