Complete Care Agency - Young Person

Learning disabilities

Having a learning disability should not mean your life expectations are any different than anyone else’s. Having help to keep control of your life and shape your own future is as important to us as to you.

We are able to recognise that there are many challenges that face those with Learning Disabilities and our experienced support staff will help you overcome obstacles such as accessing your community and developing independent living skills.

You and our carers can enjoy fun days out, trips and excursions and other stimulating activities. Care staff can assist you with your schooling, further education or applying for jobs. Going into the work place we can help you with transport as well as your day to day routine.

We have staff who are familiar with various forms of communication such as Makaton, Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS), supporting communication and developing new skills.

Your care plan will be developed with you and will be ever changing as your needs require.