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Young person services

Children are the heart of the home and when they are unwell they want to be at home with their parents and siblings. Having a dedicated team who can support you when you most need it is crucial to the wellbeing of the entire family. Huge emotional demands can be placed upon the family when children suffer long term or acquired injuries and with our support we can help ease the pressure.

Choosing the right team can be stressful and time consuming, we will assist you in finding the right people who you can build a trusting relationship with. This support is flexible around term time and school holidays and includes accompanying the family on holiday if required.

At the heart of our care is your child. It is essential to remember their childhood experiences are not overshadowed by clinical intervention – fun, games and laughter all come as part of our package.


What we can do

Our support staff assess individual needs and can assist with:

Ventilator care – support with connecting and disconnecting your ventilator including NIPPI 3 and Cpap, support changing and cleaning your filters and tubing, support in recognising and managing problems with your ventilator

Tracheostomy care– we are able to undertake a full tracheostomy change, assist with inner cannula changing and cleaning and with care of your stoma site

Ambu-bagging – manual ventilation where clinical signs indicate respiratory difficulties require it

Cough assist – checking and ensuring settings are correct. Fully assisting in the use of your cough assist either manual or automatic

Chest physio – administer prescribed plan of care from physiotherapist

Suction– we are able to provide both shallow oral suctioning and deep suction via tracheostomy using either a closed or open suction catheter system

Bowel care – from assisting you into the right position to digital evacuation and bowel stimulation, including use of suppositories and enema’s

Stoma care – care of the stoma site and emptying of stoma bag

Catheter care – including intermittent catheterisation, care of your suprapubic site and catheter and recognition and management of urinary tract infections

Oxygen therapy – recognising the signs of oxygen desaturation such as cyanosis and assisting to apply oxygen whether this is delivered via nasal cannula, face mask or tracheostomy using cylinders or condensers

Epilepsy management – dealing with injury arising from a seizure administration of midazolam and diazepam

Gastrostomy care – care of the stoma site, administering medication, water and food via PEG tube using both gravity and pumps

All of our support staff will be trained specifically in your needs by a Clinical Nurse Manager and once deemed competent will continue to have ongoing support and supervision