Personal Health Budgets

Personal Health budgets were introduced by the NHS in April 2015 with a view to allow people in receipt of NHS funded care having the independence of a personal budget.

At Complete Care Agency we work collaboratively with the NHS and were involved with the piloting of the Personal Health Budget in October 2014. Being involved in the pilot has given us greater insight into the complexities of the Personal Health Budget and allowed us to develop processes which ensure the smooth transition of budgets.

Why a Personal Health Budget

 A personal Health Budget puts you in the driving seat, it allows you to choose the company you want to work with, and having that choice allows you to take control. Working alongside your provider enables you to be at the centre of the care you want. Personal Health Budgets allow you the freedom of developing a package of care that suits your needs. Enables you to decide what is important to you.

Why choose Complete Care Agency to support you

The development of your team is crucial to enable you to get the most from your Personal Health Budget. You will be assigned a named Locality Coordinator who will work with you to identify what you want from your team. You can be as involved as you like in the recruitment of staff to your team. Some people want to help write job descriptions and interview and others like to make the final decision on if they feel they click with the person.

We have an experienced team of staff that can support you no matter what Complex Health needs you may have. We are a contracted supplier of Complex Children’s and Adults care to the NHS and are able to support you to access a Personal Health Budget no matter what level your health needs are.

Managing a Personal Health Budget

Having your own budget can be daunting without the support of a company that is familiar with the process and can help you to manage the transition. We work closely with Care Managers in the NHS and have strong relationships with them.

Management healthcare providers gives you best healthcare quality and healthcare consultant.

Through good communication and organisation a Personal Health Budget is an easy choice which can be managed in a number of ways. There are a number of ways for the budget to be managed and we are happy to discuss these with you.

  • a notional budget;
  • a third party arrangement or;
  • as a direct payment.

To find out more about Personal Health Budgets and how we can support you in accessing one please call 0333 2000 441