Direct Payments

Direct payments are payments from the local council and now NHS for people who have been assessed as needing help, and who would like to arrange and pay for their own care and support services. These payments are made directly to the person (or to someone acting on their behalf), to arrange their own care package.

Who can get a direct payment?

Anyone who is assessed as needing care services has the right to request a direct payment instead of having those services provided by their local council. There are limited circumstances when direct payments are not awarded, however the majority of those already receiving, or those assessed as needing, services have a right to direct payments. These include:

  • older people who have been assessed as needing community care services
  • disabled people aged 16 and over, including those with short as well as long term needs
  • carers, in place of receiving carers’ services
  • families with disabled children
  • disabled parents

What can direct payments be spent on?

Direct payments are given to buy services (including equipment) that you have been assessed as needing. The local council will set out what the money can and cannot be used for. Agreements can also be made to utilise the payment to allow for short breaks for respite.

Direct payments allow you to have flexibility in your support and not lose funding. If you want more support one week than another to allow you to have a day out or support to the hospital you have this flexibility.

Why Complete Care Agency?

Employing staff directly can be a big challenge, insurance, training, cover for sickness can be daunting. We can support you to have the care you want but offer you the backup needed when the team faces sickness or people leave. The support of a Locality Coordinator when you have concerns and need help to access equipment or further professional input.

We give you the private service and flexibility you want with the comfort of knowing we are ready for all eventualities and can support you at all times.