Care Co-Ordinators

Care Co-Ordinator

Our Care Coordinators work alongside our service users and staff from the wider multi-disciplinary team to ensure that all of our service users have a safe and effective care and support provision. They will normally be one of the first team member you meet and will work with you to build a plan of how your care should be delivered.

For those service users who have clinical requirements which are complex in nature we have a team of staff who are trained to deliver those medical interventions. These staff are trained in theory and practice and will have ongoing competencies monitored by our team.

Care Coordinators, Staff Trainers and experienced Complex Support workers will work alongside staff that require training in complex care and nursing techniques such as ventilator care, changing of tracheotomy and tracheal suction.  Nursing staff will monitor these skills as an ongoing process to ensure best practice is maintained.

Staff in the field are offered regular supervisions, appraisal and mandatory training. Where packages of care are such that a specific team is required we encourage you to be fully involved in the recruitment and selection of your team.