The Management Team

Complete Care Agency believes that maintaining a high quality of care comes from the top.Our management and senior staff team all share the values and beliefs of the Company.

Louise Ellis-Copley

Complete Care Agency - Louise Copley

Louise wants to be a part of the future of care at home. Helping to shape what people think of home care and the amazing people that provide it. With a passion which can at time be ferocious she will battle for the best outcomes for her staff and service users.

Inspired to start nurse training sat on her father’s hospital bed watching the nurses in action this was the start of what would become a vocation. Louise went on to complete her nurse training at Huddersfield University and worked in a variety of settings. Having now gained 16 years of experience in delivering care in a variety of setting from home care, nursing homes and hospital setting her background enables a solid sector overview and understanding. Drawn back to home care Louise founded Complete Care Agency in 2007 hoping to help change how care in the home is delivered and gain greater professional recognition for the staff that deliver the service.

When not hard at work Louise enjoys spending time with her family and being Mums taxi takes up much of her spare time. She has a passion for reading anything she can get her hands on and a love of food she has not had to cook. Louise dreams of turning back time to her care free youth when she would dance all night until the sun came up.

Nicola Parker

Complete Care Agency - Nicola Parker

I started my career as a cleaner in a nursing home, after just a few short weeks I realised I wanted to be a carer so applied to a different local nursing home. I enjoyed this role so much I did all the short courses I was able to and eventually progressed to my NVQ studies gaining a level 3 qualification. I then went a step further and studied to become an NVQ assessor so was then able to support others in my work environment who were also studying for their NVQ.

In the nursing home I worked in there were no progression opportunities you were either a carer or a qualified nurse so I started discussions with my unit manager and ultimately the home manager to create a senior role which was successful. I immediately applied for and got this position but after 8 years of working in the nursing home and once my children were slightly older I decided I wanted to go the ‘whole hog’ so to speak and went to university to become a Registered Nurse. I never intended to go into hospital care, I just felt I needed more input into the care of people in long term care and helping protect their rights, choices and dignity. I worked for the next 3 years in a nursing home for people with complex needs and long term degenerative conditions such as Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Spina Bifida and much more and due to my nursing home back ground, moved swiftly through the ranks to become Deputy Manager. It was in 2012 that an opportunity arose to become the Clinical Nurse Manager for Complete Care Agency and I began working alongside the Registered Manager to move the company into Complex Care. I became Registered Nurse Manager in 2015.

I married my childhood sweetheart and we have 3 grown children, 2 grandchildren, 2 step grandchildren and a brand new grandson.