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Why I started Complete Care Agency.

A blog by Company Director Louise Ellis – Copley

I had never considered a career in care, let alone owning a care company but here I am and I would not change it for the world.

Growing up in a working class family there was never really much talk of a career, just an expectation that you would get a job and contribute. No long conversation about dreams or aspirations of what was possible. The internet did not exist and most knowledge came from books, teachers and the daily soaps!

My Dad had became very ill and was in the BRI for months, it was the beginning of a long journey that eventually led me here, I was inspired by the nurses on the ward. Those months sat worrying and eventually providing care to my Dad was what lead me to being the owner of Complete Care Agency Ltd and Osburn Training Academy.

My first job in home care paid £5.00 an hour 7 days a week, no mileage; no travel time as a health care assistant. I loved it! I worked crazy hours and though it was at times exhausting I knew I had found something that filled me with something I could not at the time identify. I now know that was purpose, joy, a feeling of making a difference.

When I started my first job in care I had no idea there were so many opportunities in the sector to advance. Within 2 years I was studying to be a nurse! Not long after qualifying I realised my passion was back in the community and that’s where the dream of Complete Care Agency Ltd was born. 

It has been the most stressful, rewarding, heartbreaking, uplifting thing I’ve ever done and I would not change it for the world (most days).

Complete Care Agency and all the staff are part of something so special. It’s very hard to put into words how it feels to be part of something that does so much good for so many. Did I ever dare imagine that I would be where I am today, no, but I wish I had! I would have arrived here much sooner! 

A career in care can open so many doors and all along that journey you can learn so much from the people you work with and care for.

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