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Staff recognition

In the last week another member of the public (Mrs Shaw) approached Kirsty Whitaker whilst out shopping in Bramley with a service user, she took the time to contact the office, here is a copy of the email she sent us:

“Hi there.

I wanted to contact you over an observation I made today at Swinnow Morrisons in Bramley but your office is closed. Today shopping I saw an employee of yours shopping with a old lady your employee was linking arms with is lady and helping her shop they looked l”ike they were having fun. When I approached your employee to tell her I admire the job she does as I care for my mother. She informed me she was not caring for this old lady as she was shopping for someone who couldn’t shop for them self. Your employee (Kirsty) I think she said her name was took the time energy and effort to help this lady all the way around the shop and pack her bags. I was humbled by this as we need more people like this in are community. Good job guys. People like this are missing from our community. It was lovely to watch.

Thank you

Mrs shaw”

We would like to say a huge thank you to Kirsty and all of the dedicated staff who deliver this level of care day in, day out. Daily, you are the face of Complete Care Agency and when people take time out of their day to commend you, it is a gentle reminder why we all work in the care profession.


Well done!


The Complete Care Team


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